Seminar Feedback: Support to help adults become more media literate

Here’s the feedback on question 3 from the seminar:

Q3. What support is needed to help adults become more media literate – in the short term and in the longer term?

  1. There is a need for easily accessible, independent information and advice for practitioners and learners – by phone and online. 
  2. More access points in rural communities are needed and in fact they should be more visible in all areas right at the heart of the community and in places where people are (e.g. day centres, shopping centres, community centres).
  3. More facilities would be useful in JBOs and Job Centres to help job seekers use IT to improve job search and job application opportunities. Staff should be trained to offer support and to signpost clients to IT training where appropriate.
  4. There should be more opportunities for family learning where parents and children can share their skills.
  5. An increase in schemes where volunteers can offer individual support in IT access points would be useful to help engage more people in using digital technologies.
  6. Those in employment may also need support and opportunities should be encouraged in the workplace perhaps using volunteers to share skills.
  7. A strategy for raising awareness and signposting to support in using digital technologies should be drawn up for the workplace.
  8. Resources and facilities available for practice and usage after class not just during class.
  9. Schools opening doors to public after hours to facilitate learning.
  10. Younger generation showing the older generation (Children – Parents). Parents and children can share knowledge (Parents business mind + Children technological mind).
  11. Help parents keep up with children e.g. extended schools project, open evenings for parents with IT focus, etc.
  12. Introducing buddy systems.
  13. Addressing the needs of those with Essential Skills needs before digital inclusion.
  14. Recognising needs and continued support post training.
  15. Does it need to become more community focused?  More emphasis on mentoring, 1:1 and peer support?  Many people help others everyday with small tasks/skills e.g. downloading music/pod casts, sharing photos, etc.  Also could be used in the workplace.
  16. Extend range of programmes on TV and radio – short segments with useful tips and guides, learner experiences, etc.
  17. Individual “shop floor” support.
  18. Company support time and resources.
  19. Individuals need support to see and value their achievements.