Becta: Embracing technology to support adult skills

In the recent publication of ‘Update’ by the Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS), there is an interesting article on how Becta is helping to address the issues raised in the Digital Britain report and the Independent Review of ICT User Skills.

Digital Britain identifies four barriers to embracing digital technologies:

  • availability
  • affordability
  • capability
  • relevance

In addition to their role as the government agency that helps schools, colleges and training providers use technology more effectively, they are also rolling out the national Home Access Programme. This programme will bring computers and connectivity to low-income households around the UK.

We see an opportunity here not just to support young people to use technology to benefit their learning, but to provide access for their parents who can use technology to improve their skills, whether it’s basic IT, a specific work skill, or leisure learning. Following the publication of The Learning Revolution White Paper earlier this year, we are also working with government and key national partners on plans to improve access to informal learning opportunities through technology and digital media.

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