New PC to encourage older users

Today the BBC News Technology website has an interesting story about a new computer that is designed to encourage older people to get online.

The simplified desktop – called SimplicITy – has just six buttons directing users to basic tasks such as e-mail and chat.

The computer comes pre-loaded with 17 video tutorials from television presenter Valerie Singleton
BBC Tech: New PC to encourage older users

From reading the article this certainly seems a step in the right direction and is addressing a number of barriers.

Andrew Harrop, head of public policy for charity Age Concern and Help the Aged said efforts to get older people online should be “applauded”.

“Pensioners who aren’t online are missing out on hundreds of pounds in potential savings by shopping around and can also often miss out on the best interest rates for savings accounts, not to mention the social benefits of being online,” he said.

It looks like the private sector has stepped up to the challenge.

Tech Note:
The computer is built using Linux operating system, a free operating system that can be customised by users.

Silver surfers look for love online

It’s not only love!  Research by Virgin Media found that:

“82% of silver surfers admitted the internet had given them a new lease of life by helping them find new friends (21%) and learn new skills and hobbies (69%)”

Read the full article online at the Lancashire Evening Post (