The power of Social Media Marketing

This is a nice, simple video showing how social media actually works – it’s all about people sharing what they like.

Digital Literacy an important factor in Career Success

The University of Derby’s International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS) have produced a report entitled ‘Careering through the Web‘ which explores the potential of web technologies for career development and support services.

Inadequate ‘digital literacy’ could jeopardise your future career prospects
Will ‘Digital Literacy’ Determine Your Future Career Success?

The report acknowledges the accelerating influence of the internet in career and learning exploration and job searching. It stresses the need for the public and careers professionals to maintain and grow their digital skills so resources can be better deployed within this changing environment.

Probably the most observant statement came form Ian Kinder, Assistant Director at the UK Commission for Employment and Skills when he said:

The web is now an integral part of many people’s lives. But there is more information, advice and guidance available on there for people buying a television than there is for people considering their career choices.

It’s important to remember that Digital Literacy is not only important for seeking career opportunities but is often a criterion for obtaining them as well.

Social Media Workshop for Continuing Professional Development

The University of Ulster, School of Education is holding a workshop on social media for continuing professional development and improving professional practice.

With the emergence of social media, a new approach to learning and professional development has opened up. This workshop will help show you how it works.

Basic Workshop details:

Title: Social media for continuing professional development and improving professional practice

Date: Thursday 25 November 2010

Time: 10am -1pm

Location: University of Ulster, Coleraine campus

Enrolment Fee: £55 (£10 for University of Ulster Staff)

Facilitator: Anne Peoples (guest blogger here on the Media Literacy NI blog: CROSSING THE DIGITAL DIVIDE: a basic kit for the adult learner)

Full details and application form can be accessed from the link below (pdf document):

Library and Information Workshops

(Lifelong Learning, UU: Tel: 028 9036 6680)

Finding out about Social Media (Workshop)

A Social Media workshop is being held as part of the Talks and Tours programme at the University of Ulster in Coleraine on Saturday 17th July.  It is being delivered by Anne Peoples, a guest blogger on this site and author of the popular “Crossing the Digital Divide – a basic kit for the adult learner” blog post.

The event is open to anyone and will focus on personal use of Social Media, including for independent learning.  Here are the full details:

Title: Finding out about Social Media

Date: Saturday 17th July

Time: 10.30am to 1.30pm

Location: Learning Resource Centre, University of Ulster Coleraine Campus

Description: This participatory presentation will help anyone who feels that they are getting left behind in today’s digital world to enhance their knowledge about the most popular social media tools and technologies and their use. There will be an opportunity to sample some of them online. Participants will learn about reading and writing blogs, using Facebook, Skype and Twitter, photosharing on Flickr and picasa, learning online with podcasts and YouTube, getting organized with iGoogle, bookmarks and rSS feeds, and also about managing privacy and security online.

Enrolment Fee: adults £10, students, jobseekers and under 18s £7

About Anne Peoples: Anne is a tutor in Library and Information Management at the University of Ulster. She delivers workshops on Social Media for personal learning and professional development.

Find out more: further information is available from Janet Mackle 028 7032 4683 (Talks and Tours)

If Social Media is something that interests you then this is a great opportunity to learn more.

Why Guidance Professionals should be engaged with Social Media

I recently came across this useful presentation on the iCeGS website (International Centre for Guidance Studies).  The seminar was delivered by Tristram Hooley at the National Career Guidance Show in March.

He sums up the main reasons why careers practitioners (and by extension anyone whose work involves information, advice and guidance) should be embracing new technology and how it can aid professional development.  For example, he states that social media can be used to:

  • Develop interaction with other practitioners and clients and build networks
  • Share and contribute to good practice
  • Provide information and ask for feedback

Evaluating and engaging with new technologies is already an important career management skill.  He emphasises that practitioners need to develop these skills themselves in order to promote the benefits of digital literacy to clients.  The presentation also provides a quick overview of blogging and Twitter and includes a range of useful links.

He finishes with a reminder that career practitioners work all over the world in a huge range of situations and are continually learning.  A small minority are already engaged with social media; providing support, advice and building a “community of practice”. He ends with the question “Why aren’t you there?”…

NDI10 Digital Participation

The 5th National Digital Inclusion Conference is being held on the 10th and 11th March 2010 in the Vinopolis Conference Centre, London.  It’s titled ‘Digital Participation: Passing IT on’ and hopes to build momentum within the digital inclusion community by looking for practical ways to ensure that agenda is sustained.

There is a very impressive line-up of speakers and the event seems to capture the digital participation buzz.  For instance, there’s a dedicated social network site that you can join, ‘Digital Engagement‘, and the event is being streamed online free – so if that appeals sign-up here.

Last year’s event is still available for viewing free online.

Engaging in the Social Media Conversation

A recent event in Belfast, hosted by Women in Business, addressed the benefits of using social media to promote your business.  Once again the importance of this medium for engaging with customers and clients was clearly highlighted.

The presentation, delivered by Mags Byrne Consulting, focused on the opportunities social media can offer businesses and how it can be used for promotion, advertising and marketing purposes at very little cost.  The attendees certainly seemed to appreciate the benefits of engaging with the technology and were keen to learn more and put some of the suggestions into practice.

One of the key aspects of social media is the conversation; in this case the dialogue between organisations and their customers.  It is therefore important that the language used is clear and easy to understand.  That’s where the principles of plain English come in and where EGSA could possibly help.

EGSA has been running their successful “Keep It Clear” training course for a number of years.  The practical, hands-on training aims to raise awareness of plain English principles and hopefully save you time and money.  If this is something that would be useful to you or your organisation, visit EGSA’s website to learn more and maybe book a place.

Useful resource:

The NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations) website is a useful resource for hints and tips on using social media, particularly with regard to marketing.  Claire Rollinson’s (NCVO Enterprise Manager) blog has a series of interesting and relevant posts; her most recent discussed how social networks can enable organisations to create a true dialogue with their customers and supporters.