OU goes Web 2

The recent edition of Sesame (Autumn 2008 Issue 238) outlines how the Open University is continuing to embrace Web 2.0 technology and ideals.

They have outlined two launches:

  • An extension of their YouTube presence with a new channel named ‘OUView’ featuring over 300 videos
  • A brand new web community for students, alumni and more named Platform.  This new social media website will allow user-generated content such as blogs, videos, forums etc.

Ian Roddis, Head of Online Services at the OU, said:

“The social web is changing the way people interact and learn online.  We’ve always used technology to help our community connect, but now they are able to make their own connections…”

The digital edition of this issue of Sesame can be found here (pdf 8MB) 

In the previous post I noted how the Open University is making resources available for free download through Apple’s iTunes U, thus facilitating learning on the move. Read more on their website.

iTunes U

Most of us will be familiar with or will at least have heard of Apple’s iTunes music store, especially if you own their iPod mp3 player.  It’s a computer program that enables you to buy and download digital music and other content.

In this digital store Apple has a service named iTunes U which makes available audio and video content from many universities across the world.  A few local contributors are Trinity College Dublin and the Open University.  The content includes lectures, seminars and interviews on a range of subjects – all freely available to download.

This is a move that facilitates mobile learning through digital devices such as mp3 players; a trend that appears to be becoming more common among learning providers as they continue to embrace the digital and Web 2.0 worlds to distribute their content and connect with learners.

As a result, the need for media and digital literacy among adult learners is becoming increasingly more relevant and important.