Feedback from Dungannon Seminar

Here’s the feedback from the seminar in Dungannon:

  1. Need to make digital technology easy to use.
  2. Language must be appropriate eg what is a blog, skyplus etc.
  3.  We can’t influence new terms being used
  4.  Technology is growing organically – people can take out of the web what they want.
  5.  Need for more effective training tools eg Internet Made Easy.  People have to be shown in a conventional way.  It shouldn’t frighten or put people off.
  6. There is no “governance” over the internet and people fear scams.
  7. Educational issue around personal security on the net – making people aware of what to do and what not to do.
  8. Learn by experience – recognise scams as such.
  9. We need to look at training courses and ensure that they are fully up to date.
  10. If you build a bogeyman up you will naturally frighten people/put people off – one of the biggest barriers.
  11. Funding for community based IT learning – informal learning needs funding.  Community education has been hindered greatly by new funding arrangements.
  12. Funding will not flow unless it is accredited learning – maybe we need a more imaginative form of accreditation.
  13. Government led by the needs of the economy.
  14. ICT as an Essential Skill – can we build it into an accredited framework.
  15. Barrier for older people – fear of accreditation – but only accredited courses will be funded.
  16. Taster sessions have been very successful but lack of funding also has implications here.
  17. More choice but less choice eg TV/Radio.  So much time to fill – so much dross created to fill the space. 
  18. Feeling that it is the responsibility of the tutor and learning provider to be up to speed with technology to assist the learners with their learning – tutors need to ask learners what they want.
  19. Give learners the opportunity to choose what type of assessment they want.  Use different forms of assessment eg e-assessment.
  20. Dissemination of information to tutors is critical to keep them informed.  There is a need for more CPD to bridge the gap for tutors. How do you keep up with new technology?
  21. Individuals need to have the skills to cross the digital divide eg online job applications and see the relevance to their lives eg emailing relatives.
  22. Make sure technology is seen as a resource benefit. Marketing of information is very important.

Photos from the Dungannon Seminar

Just a few photos from our Dungannon seminar.

Davy from BBC NI, speaking on our changing media.

Davy Sims, BBC

Fran from QCA NI, speaking on their work with technology.

Francesca Dowler, QCA NI 

Laurence from EGSA, speaking on Web 2.0

Laurence Twinam, EGSA 

Attendees discussing the three Media Literacy questions during the workshop.

Media Literacy Workshop

Web 2.0 in Dungannon

Laurence’s Web 2.0 presentation from Wednesday’s seminar.

The resources referred to in the presentation can be found on EGSA’s space in

Just leave a comment if you have any questions for him.

Media Literacy Seminar, Dungannon

Thanks again to everyone who attended Wednesday’s seminar in Dungannon – we hope you enjoyed it.

We’re compiling the resources now, including the feedback, and will have these posted shortly for your review and comments.

Again a big thanks to our seminar speakers: Basil, Laurence, Davy and Fran for their presentations.