Engaging with social media

Tuesday’s Belfast Telepgrah Business has an interesting article on engaging with social media.  It has found that social networking has overtaken email in popularity and that two-thirds of those who go online visit a social networking site.

So why is this important?  Well, if that is where your customers/clients/learners are then you may need to be there as well if you wish to engage with them.

People are now using the digital world to connect and to obtain what they need on information, ideas, and products from each other instead of from companies.

Consumer decisions are now being driven by personal recommendations shared through the social networking medium.

Twitter is an example of this new social networking medium.  We have seen how it has been used recently in Iran and how it could even influence movie audiences.

Therefore being media literate provides you with the awareness and knowledge to effect change in your own small way and to benefit from it as well.

The article concludes by stating that businesses or any organisation that wishes to embrace this new medium should have a good strategy in place.