Using Social Media to Enhance Your Information Service

The Association of Information Managers (AIM) held an excellent seminar on Social Media after their AGM last Friday (12 Feb).  The seminar, entitled “Using Social Media to Enhance Your Information Service”, was delivered by Anne Peoples, tutor in Library and Information Management at the University of Ulster.

The presentation focused on how to strategically engage with Social Media and was followed by a workshop discussion on developing a social media policy for your organisation.  I’ve included Anne’s presentation below:

The presentation is comprehensive and I would encourage anyone interested in exploring Social Media to review it.  Anne also has a number of other presentations that she has kindly shared with everyone on her slideshare channel.

As many readers will know Social Media has been a very popular topic and over the past few years businesses and organisations have been using it to engage with their customers/clients.

Doing so however is sometimes not as straight forward as it may seem.  While there are many benefits, there are also risks due to the transparent nature of the medium i.e. what is said online is there for all to see.  For this reason it is very important to have a strategy and relevant policies in place.

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