Ofcom Poll: What do you think of blogs?

Ofcom are currently running a poll to capture your view on blogging. (What is blogging?)

The Poll Question: What do you think of blogs? Are they:

  • The way forward for journalism
  • Hit and miss – some are great, some less so
  • Self-opinionated, amateurish twaddle

To vote, you can find the poll on the lower right hand column of the Ofcom home page.

So far journalism is in the lead with 50% of the vote.

Previous polls include: (Ofcom poll archive)

  • How do you get your breaking news?  “News Websites” – 39% of the vote
  • When was TV’s golden age?  “The 80s” – 29% of the vote
  • Which communication service could you not live without?  “Internet” – 62% of the vote

Clearly digital participantion is becoming very important in our lives.

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