Digital Britain – The Final Report

Tuesday saw the publication of the Digital Britain report which outlines the actions needed to remain competitive and inclusive in a digital future.

The foreword notes:

It offers a strategic view of the sector, backed by a programme of action:

  • to complement and assist the private sector in delivering the effective modern communications infrastructure we need, built on new digital technologies;
  • to enable Britain to be a global centre for the creative industries in the digital age, delivering an ever wider range of quality content, including public service content, within a clear and fair legal framework;
  • to ensure that people have the capabilities and skills to flourish in the digital economy, and that all can participate in digital society; and
  • for government to continue to modernise and improve its service to the taxpayer through digital procurement and the digital delivery of public services.

The third point is encouraging for the promotion of media literacy amongst those who still have to fully embrace the new digital world.  Chapter 6 titled “Research, Education and Skills for Digital Britain” expands further on this point and references the issue of “basic ICT skills”.

The Prime Minister said:

Digital Britain is about giving the country the tools to succeed and lead the way in the economy of the future.

Investing in areas such as broadband access for every home and business and the move from analogue to digital technology will bring benefits across the board, driving growth, enabling businesses to thrive, and providing new opportunities and choices for households right across the country. It is an essential part of building Britain’s future.

I’ve listed a range of articles and posts commenting on the new report – all with their own different viewpoints:

Please post any other relevant links or comments you may have.


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