GMTV and NIACE helping people over 50 get online

“One in three people over 50 don’t use the internet, putting them at greater risk of social, financial and political exclusion”

NIACE and GMTV have partnered to encourage those over 50 to improve their computer skills and access the internet.  In an article by NIACE titled Help people over 50 get online, Dr. Hilary Jones shares his fears on using a computer though he can see the benefits and wishes to learn.

In their article NIACE outlines five steps to getting online:

  1. Talk to someone you trust who can help
  2. Join a beginners’ adult education class
  3. Visit the Digital Unite Learning Zone for step to step tutorials
  4. Visit your local UK online centre (not available in NI)
  5. Just have a go!

For those of you resident in Northern Ireland and who have friends who may benefit by getting online, we (EGSA) can also help.  Just visit our EGSA course search and click on the Basic IT popular search link to find classes in your area.  If you would prefer to phone us, try our Learners’ Line on 0845 602 6632.

You could also pass on the free Internet Made Easy CD to friends and family, who already have a PC at home.  You can use the disk to learn more about:

  • E-mailling family
  • Booking cheap flights
  • Saving time shopping
  • Finding a computer course
  • Banking safely and more…

If you would like a copy,  call us on 0845 602 6632 (conditions may apply).

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