Us Now Film

Us Now is a documentary film which shows how online networks, created by new technologies (Web 2.0), are empowering communities.  This includes for example, football fans running their own club and people taking greater involvement in the democrate process.

George Osborne, MP is quoted on the site as saying:

“Everyone with their PC can upload a video on Youtube or join Facebook or set up their own blog and comment on anything they like and so it challenges that idea, basically, in the media and in politics that there is someone, the editor or the government minister, who knows best.”

The film has it’s own website ( which contains numberous clips of the film; one of which I’ve included below.

A review of the film can be found on the Channel Four website.

The film is just another example of why media literacy is so important for social inclusion and empowerment as we enter further into the digital world.


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