Don’t Stop Me Now!

‘Don’t Stop Me Now!’ is a research report compiled by Aontas (The National Adult Learning Organisation) on the lifelong learning needs of older people in Ireland.  The report sets out to map service provision in Ireland for older learners.

In addition to the research statistics, the report contains a number of case studies.  The first, ‘Exploring the New World of Technology’, describes the ‘Embrace IT’ programme which enables senior citizens to learn about emerging technologies.  This is a good example of how ICT is enabling media literacy and social inclusion – summed up well by the following quote:

“We also promote the use of ICT as a tool for enhancing citizenship and social rights for older people by enabling them to access government information. The consortium perceives this to be especially important as more and more government information is becoming more readily available on the internet, while paper based documentation is becoming hard to find. Also we work with older people to develop our website, producing web content and information about their communities that counters negative or absent commentary in the mainstream media”

(Don’t Stop Me Now!, p.49, Aontas)

The full report can be found here

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