Media Literacy Seminar (19th February 2008)

Thanks to everyone who attended yesterday’s seminar on media literacy – we hope you enjoyed it.

We’re in the process of compiling the feedback notes from each of the questions, which will be posted separately for your comments.

As a reminder, here are the questions from yesterday:

  1. What are the implications for adults seeking learning and work opportunities?
  2. Are there any particular barriers for the adults you are working with?
  3. What support is needed to help adults become more media literate – in the short term and in the longer term?

EGSA would also like to thank our seminar speakers: Basil, Evelyn, Stephen and Ann Marie for their presentations.


One Response

  1. I enjoyed the media literacy event in Blefast and I have looked with interest at the points made at the workshops which I was unfortunately unable to attend. With reference to people’s willingness to invest time in learning new skills and the point that we should be addressing the essential skills needs of individuals before digital inclusion , can I draw colleagues’ attention to a very significant rection from ordinary people here to a resource that has been developed using web 2 to help parents with their children’s maths homework. This extensive resource requires the technical ability to use a mouse and fully utilises all the benefits that web2 brings in that it is visual, non text driven and offers users a compelling experience. The site is cuurently getting 80,000 hits per month which to me is a clear indication that if the content is good then people will take the time to access it. It is also an example of a resource which demonstrates that media literacy and essential skills do not need to be mutually exclusive as not only does it help parents with their children’s maths, it can also help them with their own. Take a look and see what I mean

    I would welcome any comments

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